MOJA Clothing is a London-based brand with an African twist. Our clothes are  an amalgamation of true Tanzanian culture and contemporary Western style. 
Today's world has become such a melting pot of different cultures and the mission of our brand is to really showcase this.
All our clothes are made using kitenge. This is an East African cotton fabric, printed in various colours and distinctive patterns. It is often called the "communicating textile" because of the range of colours, designs, writings and symbols which are used to represent the moods, feelings, cultures and traditions of the region's native communities.
We source all our kitenge locally. It is produced using local Tanzanian cotton, grown by local Tanzanian farmers, improving lives right at the grassroots level.  The cotton is then spun & weaved in Tanzanian factories and the clothes are cut & stitched by local tailors.
The employment of local expertise is very dear to the brand's ethos. Not only does this play a significant part in boosting Tanzania's economy, but also has priceless social benefits too. Without such employment these farmers, factory-workers and tailors would not be able to support their families or showcase their incredible talent. 
Our aim is to supply the market with some of the industry's most fashion forward and stylish clothing, whilst ensuring our clothes are comfortable, affordable and totally unique.
Get your MOJO on with MOJA!